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 01  by Valentino Salvato

“This book is a great collection of real-life personal stories and events and it is truly inspirational! In particular, I have been impressed by the depth and passion of Kasia Nalepa' chapter on living on your own terms. She clearly went through some challenging experiences till she saw death getting very close to her. I know that this kind of borderline extreme events are meant to change someone's life for the better and that's what happened to her. She has gone through the process of asking herself all the most important existential questions and to come out as a transformed Phoenix. She has learnt all the right lessons and she has got the guts to pursue her dreams regardless of what the crowd thinks. She rightly follows her heart instead. Personally, I trust this kind of person more than I would trust someone who is going through life in a superficial and insipid way. Kasia has chosen one of the most challenging fights on this Planet and I wish her all the best success because she deserves it! We deserve it! God bless!”




 02  by Phillip Rees

“I got this 8 hours ago and only now coming up for air as I was totally immersed and absorbed by the power-packed advice contained inside.


If you want a clear path ahead in your life then this contains the tools to get you there. "Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life" by Kasia Nalepa, in particular, is highly recommended as she writes in such a way as to cause me to re-assess my thinking and review my actions and path. Incredibly powerful style.”




 03  by Karolina Trojanowska

“Inspiring and motivating! This is an absolute must on a reading list, especially for those, who perhaps lack in self-confidence and seek changes in their lives. This very well written and beautifully composed book addresses aspects of life that we all encounter in a way that shows nothing is impossible if we are really committed and determined to follow our heart and passion. I found the chapter "Break the Rules. Find your Freedom. Live your Life." by Kasia Nalepa particularly interesting, simply loved her fresh and honest account on the subject of 'freedom'. Well done Kasia! Congratulations to all the authors! :)”




 04  by Aesop

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kasia in Hatton Garden and she was a captivating and lovely soul. We were shooting a TV series and she was walking by with a friend - it could have been a chance encounter but I don't believe in those! Kasia had a lovely energy that just radiated from her. Unsurprisingly this book is outstanding - powerful and very affecting. This is wisdom gleaned from life experiences, difficult experiences and deep inner knowledge, particularly Kasia's chapter. All the authors are commendable here and I would strongly suggest reading it because it is a transformative book which you will return to.”




 05  by Simon Cope

“I approached this book with no expectations, but thoroughly enjoyed it, especially "Break The Rules. Find Your Freedom. Live Your Life." by Kasia Nalepa. Like listening to someone who wishes to share their life experience, and how they come out the necessary dark side into a world of a light being, Kasia illuminates her reasons and purpose for who she is, and never tries to say this is the right way, only her way. You listen intently, with every weighted word that isn't scary, as you would imagine, when you read other self-help or personal development books. Even though she talks about 'freedom', it's personal freedom, not a political freedom, a hard-won freedom, that leads to personal strength, inner truth to yourself, and not some high falutin definition of truth for everyone to live by. Kasia talks about seeking honesty but never labels other's definitions of honesty as 'dishonest'. And what does Kasia wish to do with her discoveries, her knowledge? Well, as I said earlier, she wishes to share her experiences, just as a catalyst and influence others to break free in their own way because we're never alone. After all, isolation leads to madness, and the only reason other people wish us all to be isolated is to prove to themselves how sane they are....... Kasia is someone I'd like to meet to get to know.....blessings to you Kasia” 




 06  by A. Bell

“What an amazing book and an inspiring group of writers! My favourite chapter is the one by Kasia Nalepa because in spite of all her challenges she has come through them a positive, successful person ready to boost and inspire others. I really recommend this book if you want to win in life and work!”



 07  by Debrah Mowlem


“Beautifully written, thought-provoking book...I especially enjoyed Kasia Nalepa's account of her life story of reaching goals and breaking the rules and living your life outside the box. A book for leaders by leaders.”

 08  by Juliet Wright


"I would really recommend this book, it’s an eye-opener. If you are unsure of your current direction this book will show you the ropes to grab life by its horns. I would particularly recommend the chapter “Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life.” by Kasia Nalepa.
I was lucky enough to meet Kasia Nalepa while doing a course in London and I can honestly say that she walks her talk. She is a true inspiration."


 09  by Eliza Szyszlo


"I am happy I had an opportunity to attend the event organised by the Virgin Money for the Hope Foundation, where Kasia was one of two speakers.

Kasia is a Transformational & Motivational Keynote Speaker. I found her talk very inspirational and interesting to me personally. It was a pleasure to listen to her and her story. Kasia’s warm personality, ability to engage the audience and attractive appearance were a huge benefit. Would love to see her speaking on stage again."

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