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To Infinity And Beyond


We all face new beginnings at many times in our lives. Be it a changing career, entering or leaving a relationship, emigrating to a new country, retiring, reevaluating life after a brush with death, or rebuilding life after losing everything. 


The word 'inspire' comes from the Latin inspirae, “to breath life into”. That is why the talk to inspire is so riveting. 

Kasia is ​Transformational & Motivational Keynote Speaker. She does her best to create experiences, that take her audience to new heights and shift how they think.


Kasia is a very intuitive person. She has the ability to envision the perfect future, the best solutions to the challenges. She is planning the future with imagination and wisdom. ​

Kasia influences the Influencers in order to make a massive positive shift in the world. 

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